Seminar – Helping entrepreneurs provide sustainable sanitation services

Small private providers, from retailers to masons, from public toilet operators to latrine emptying businesses, are of vital importance to medium- and lower-income communities, according to BPD Water & Sanitation [1]. The sanitation sector needs to capitalise on the growing interest in social entrepreneurship and the ‘bottom of the pyramid’ especially in urban areas.

There are numerous resilient private sanitation providers but the majority get limited support or oversight from public bodies, NGOs and others. Changing this requires requires relatively little effort, contends BPD, and would reap many economic, health and environmental benefits.

At the World Water Week in Stockholm, BPD, the Stockholm Environment Institute and WASTE are organising a seminar on “Helping Entrepreneurs Provide Sustainable Sanitation Services” (24 August 2011, 14.00 – 17.00, Room T6). The seminar explores the different markets and incentives for sanitation entrepreneurs from Bolivia, Ghana and Malawi. In discussion with entrepreneurs and organisations/ specialists that support them, this interactive session will engage participants in debate around two key topics: finance and business support. The session will finish with an interactive ‘sanitation marketplace’.

Live streaming: This session will be streamed live via the website 2degrees and can be viewed for two weeks after the event. Please note, you will need to register in advance and await an activation email in order to use this facility.

Have your say: Help design a controversial debate by voting here for your preferred topics to be debated in the session

[1] Schaub-Jones, D. (2010). Sanitation – just another business? : the crucial role of sanitation
entrepreneurship and the need for outside engagement. London, UK, BPD Water & Sanitation. Download full paper

2 responses to “Seminar – Helping entrepreneurs provide sustainable sanitation services

  1. Thanks for the plug Cor – the session went well – and 2degrees site has a recording. I shall try to find a link to the video we showed also (from WASTE) – either on youtube or vimeo. People welcome to get in touch about the follow up to come ….


    The government of Ghana should sponsor environment students to bring a change in a sanitary condition in country so that we can achieve the MDG’s target in 2015

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