Tips for a hygienic office by germ professor Chuck Gerba

Environmental microbiologist Dr Charles (Chuck) P. Gerba from the University of Arizona, shares his tips on keeping your office clean and hygienic. This is one in a series of hygiene videos posted by Crest Commercial Cleaning, New Zealand: others are on hygiene in schools, kitchens, bathrooms and in space (astronaut hygiene). We learn that the desktop is one of the germiest places in the office and that 20-30% of women’s handbags have fecal bacteria underneath.

For a longer, equally amusing video, see Dr. Gerba’s 2009 TEDxPhoenix presentation on Hygiene in the 21st Century.

Crest Commercial Cleaning drew media attention by sending out a “public health warning” for the onslaught of handshaking politicians. In their press release for Global Handwashing Day 2011 they reminded the public that

with the onslaught of politicians making their way around campaigning, it is essential to wash your hands after meeting your local politician to prevent the spread of noxious diseases.

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3 responses to “Tips for a hygienic office by germ professor Chuck Gerba

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  3. Nice information on tips for hygienic office are very good, thank you sharing this blog.

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