Developing a Decentralized Performance Monitoring System

Large-scale projects that engage multiple government and non-government agencies entail specific considerations when designing and implementing a management information system (MIS) to support performance monitoring. Training and independent evaluation are key.

These and other insights are summarized in a new Learning Note from the Water and Sanitation Program (WSP), Developing a Decentralized Performance Monitoring System in Senegal, by Seydou Koita, based on an MIS system developed to support the Global Scaling Up Handwashing Project in Sengal.

In addition to dealing with large amounts of incoming data, such a system must be capable of capturing, entering, and checking that data for quality assurance. Another key action is to engage participating agencies at the beginning. This not only increases system uptake, but also raises stakeholder awareness about the importance of collecting high-quality data.

For more information on the Global Scaling Up Handwashing Project in Senegal, please contact Seydou Koita at

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