SuSanA – Compilation of 13 factsheets on key sustainable sanitation topics

Compilation of 13 factsheets on key sustainable sanitation topics, 2012.

This factsheet book is a compilation of 13 thematic factsheets which were produced by the eleven SuSanA working groups. What makes these factsheets special is that they are multi-authored by people from different organisations and by free-lance consultants. The factsheets were developed in a long process involving many discussions and review loops which were mostly carried out in public, e.g. at working group meetings, with the working group mailing lists or, since July 2011, also in the open SuSanA discussion forum (

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary

WG 1: Capacity development
Capacity development for sustainable sanitation
Spuhler, D., McCreary, C., Fogde, M., Jenssen, P.

WG 2: Finance and economics
Financial and economic analysis
Parkinson, J., Hutton, G., Pfeiffer, V., Blume, S., Feiereisen, P.

WG 3: Renewable energies and climate change
Links between sanitation, climate change and renewable energies
Ingle, R., Sundberg, C., Wendland, C., Reuter, S., Jurga, I., Olt, C.

WG 4: Sanitation systems, technology options, hygiene and health
Sanitation systems and technology options
Zurbrügg, C., Panesar, A., Rüd, S.

WG 5: Food security and productive sanitation systems
Productive sanitation and the link to food security
Gensch, R., Dagerskog, L., Winker, M., Veenhuizen, R. v., Drechsel, P.

WG 6: Cities and planning
Planning of sustainable sanitation for cities
Luethi, C., Lehn, H., Norström, A., Panesar, A., Rüd, S., Saywell, D., Verhagen, J., Ulrich, L., Ingle, R.

WG 7: Community, rural and schools (with gender and social aspects)
7a: Sustainable sanitation for schools
Abraham, B., Fogde, M., Münch, E. v., Wendland, C.
7b: Integrating a gender perspective in sustainable sanitation
Wendland, C., Dankelman, I., Ruben, C., Kunze, I., Sommer, M., Mbalo, D.

WG 8: Emergency and reconstruction situations
Sustainable sanitation for emergencies and reconstruction situations
Johannessen, A., Patinet, J., Carter, W., Lamb, J.

WG 9: Sanitation as a business and public awareness
9a: Sanitation as a business
Groeber, K., Crosweller, D., Schroeder, E., Kappauf, L., Surridge, T., Panchal-Segtnan, A., Zurbruegg, C.
9b: Public awareness raising and sanitation marketing
Gröber, K., McCreary, C., Panzerbieter, T., Rück, J., Kappauf, L.

WG 10: Operation and maintenance
Operation and maintenance of sustainable sanitation systems
Müllegger, E., Freiberger, F., McConville, J., Samwel, M., Rieck, C., Scott, P., Langergraber, G.

WG 11: Groundwater Protection
Sustainable sanitation and groundwater protection
Nick, A., Foppen, J. W., Kulabako, R., Lo, D., Samwel, M., Wagner, F., Wolf, L.

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