Global Handwashing Day celebrates 5th anniversary on 15 October

Global Handwashing Day is a global celebration of handwashing with soap involving over 200 million people in over 100 countries worldwide

In 2012, Global Handwashing Day will share its 5th anniversary with over 121 million children who are also celebrating their 5th birthday this year. Handwashing with soap can reduce the incidence of diarrhoea among children under five by almost 50 per cent, and respiratory infections by nearly 25 per cent. That’s why this year’s theme is “Help More Children Reach Their 5th Birthday”.

Logos, guidelines and information packs can be downloaded from the Global Handwashing Day website. There is a promotional Twitter/Facebook game called “World Wash Up”. The official Twitter hashtag for Global Handwashing Day is #iwashmyhands


The “World WASH UP” game created by Periscopic for the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing (PPPHW)

5 responses to “Global Handwashing Day celebrates 5th anniversary on 15 October

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  2. Muhammad Awais Khokher

    We are going to celebrate International Hand washing day and needed instruments concern to hand washing i.e. soaps, printed material etc.

    Any organization or individual can provide us these instruments.

  3. Nripendra Kumar Sarma, Guwahati, Assam (India)

    Dear All,
    On this day of 5th Anniversary of observing Global Handwashing Day, let us draw our action plan to sustain it.
    Observing the 5th Anniversery will not be meaningful, unless we can make it a daily practice.
    Nripendra Kumar Sarma

  4. yes we are preparing to celebrate the day with pannel discussions. and also we will use printed materials plus a t-ishirt which contains slogan for the year will be sealed on it.
    if there is anything you will support us(may be by sending printed materials you can contact me by the following adress)
    Gardie Nigatu
    Waghemera zone
    Amhara region

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