WASHplus Weekly – Global Handwashing Day 2012 Special Edition

Issue 74 October 12, 2012 | Global Handwashing Day 2012 Special Edition 

For Global Handwashing Day 2012, this Weekly issue contains a literature review of 2012 handwashing studies that was compiled by the Global Public-Private Partnership on Handwashing. The review summarizes studies on the health impacts of handwashing, handwashing behavior, hand contamination and provides recommendations for implementers of handwashing programs.

Periodic Overview of Handwashing Literature: Summary of Selected Peer-Reviewed and Grey Literature, January – June 2012. Prepared for the Global Public-Private Partnership on Handwashing with Soap (PPPHW) by: Jelena Vujcic (University at Buffalo), Pavani K. Ram (University at Buffalo), Dan Campbell (WASHplus), Katie Carroll (FHI 360).

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