Sewer Diving in Mexico City, Mumbai and Delhi

Watch BBC presenter Dallas Campbell help unclog a sewer in Mexico City in the BBC programme Supersized Earth. It ain’t pleasant.

To learn more about Mexico City’s two sewer divers read this interview with  Julio Cou Cámara in Edible Geography (2010) and watch the mini portrait of  his partner Carlos Barrios Orta on National Geographic (2009).

At least Julio and Carlos are fully protected in their diving suits, unlike the “sewer diver” in Mumbai shown in the clip from Dutch TV programme Metropolis (2008).

Photographer Sagar Kaul produced a series called the World’s Dirtiest Job about  New Delhi’s sewer divers like Manish Kumar and Devi Lal. A selection of Kaul’s pictures appeared on 18 August 2012 in British tabloids the Daily Mail and The Sun.

Devi Lal, a sewer diver from Delhi. Photo: Sagar Kaul / Barcroft India / Daily Mail

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