Sanitation Hackathon Field Visits

One response to “Sanitation Hackathon Field Visits

  1. Yeah great, let’s have a database where we collect some random data. Oh, and let’s also do this in East Africa where we only have 1000+ NGOs.

    Srsly, as if a mobile app would change anything. Also, I am sick of seeing these things being field tested in East Africa all the time.

    I’d love to have a reporting app (which would already be achieved via Frontline SMS or Ushahidi), but I’d also love to see much more action on the data use side. Reliable data that provides for tangible decisions.

    Plus: who will guarantee that there is more to happen once the hackathon hype is gone? And who will pay devs in Europe to get to know about the equally poor face of public toilets in the EU?

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