WaterAid’s Hygiene Framework

Hygiene framework coverThis document sets out WaterAid’s framework for hygiene promotion and behaviour change in the countries where it works. It will also help organisations that work on hygiene in the context of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programmes. WaterAid has developed similar frameworks for sanitation and menstrual hygiene.

The framework’s structure is as follows:

  • Part 1 gives a background to the framework
  • Part 2 provides an overview of existing literature on hygiene promotion.
  • Part 3 contains a brief history and overview of WaterAid’s hygiene-related work.
  • Part 4 sets out key principles for country programmes on hygiene promotion, within the framework of a programme cycle.
  • Part 5 outlines WaterAid’s minimum commitments for hygiene promotion work – these make up WaterAid’s policy on hygiene promotion

WaterAid, 2012. Hygiene framework. WaterAid, London, UK. 56 p. : 9 fig., 1 tab., photogr. Includes glossary and references. Available at: http://washurl.net/6fyfgy

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