1st International Conference on Terra Preta Sanitation, Hamburg, Germany, 29-30 August 2013

Terra Preta soil

Terra Preta soil. Photo: TUHH

This conference brings together experts from different sectors – water/sanitation, agriculture, soil, energy and health – to share experiences in the new field of Terra Preta Sanitation (TPS). TPS is being promoted as integrated sustainable solution to address poor sanitation, food insecurity, and soil degradation. It is inspired by the discovery of the anthropogenic ancient soils in the Amazon called Terra Preta.

Programme Sessions:

  • TP soils, soil fertility
  • Organic farming, New insight to plant-soil interaction, land use, reforestation, reversing erosion
  • Quality of products, hygienic parameter, legislation, certification
  • SuSanA Side Event / wg meetings
  • Terra Preta Sanitation: toilet systems and designs / Logistic and operation / practical examples
  • Carbon composting of biowaste and excreta/Wood gas technology for energy and char coal production/Pyrolysis vs. hydrothermal carbonization
  • DWA NASS side event: Relevance of TPS for Germany and developed countries / legislation, certification
  • Microbiology, sanitization and lactic acid fermentation
  • Greywater in TPS – Bamboo, short rotation plantation, constructed wetlands

Abstract deadline: 15 February 2013

Watch this video on Terra Preta toilet development.

2 responses to “1st International Conference on Terra Preta Sanitation, Hamburg, Germany, 29-30 August 2013

  1. The deadline for submitting the abstracts is extended until end of february 2013!!
    Claudia Wendland, WECF, TPS co-organiser

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