Call for Information and Participation: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and Gender Based Violence

WaterAid is creating a practitioner’s best practice resource to help reduce gender based violence (GBV) related to sanitation, hygiene and water (WASH) in development, humanitarian and transitional contexts. The team is interested to be in contact with any organisation or individual who has material or experience to contribute to the resource; and/or may be interested to co-publish the outputs. The research is being funded by the SHARE Consortium.

The research team are keen to hear from anyone who is interested to contribute to the resource by:

  • Identifying what information / elements would be particularly useful to your organisation
  • Sharing case studies of GBV and WASH; from experience, or from existing documentation
  •  Sharing examples of good practice on programming in relation to GBV and WASH, or examples of programming from other sectors and GBV which could be transferrable to WASH programming or the training of sector professionals
  •  Sharing good practice on ways to respond to incidences of GBV in low-income contexts, including any examples of processes where WASH professionals have engaged with protection or GBV professionals

To contribute to the research, for further information or to receive the final outputs of the research please contact (copying in both email addresses):

Related web site: WaterAid – Gender

One response to “Call for Information and Participation: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and Gender Based Violence

  1. The rejection of paying bribes has led me to destruction of family life, enormous mental & physical torture, disturbance in professional life, disturbance in education for my daughter. __ and all these acts can be considered as the inhuman, unpardonable & heinous acts which cannot be forgotten or forgiven in any way. All these 11-12 years I have lost all my precious time & energy to fight for the cause ___ &, you know time once lost cannot be redeemed.

    The water resource should be made available to all irrespective of person’s, consumer’s, caste, creed, race, religion & origin & this can be done by enactment of law.

    I, my self domestic water connection at home being the effect of my own efforts through the recourse of available administrative support after toiling hard for 11-12 years.

    Half the job is accomplished still I am to get all other civic amenities. Other then domestic Water connection & domestic electricity after 11-12 years due to all corrupt officials of the whole systems in India.

    The illustration as done above is based on the experience I have had for not being able to get basic civic amenities like water connection, sewerage drainage line, street light, cleanliness area, leading approached road as town planning etc.. That too in an urban area & the city in which I am living has a population of 30 lakhs & is known to be one of the most literate, cultural, historical & moral ethics citizen cities of India.

    In view of pathetic living conditions I was living in 13-14 years ___ I had to leave the place of my earlier residence due to un-hygienic filthy living condition & have started living elsewhere thanks to all those corrupt, lethargic, whimsical, political illiterates’ elements & touts who have always wished to let me live under trying circumstances. The old residential place is now becoming threadbare as the days & years go by.___ Look up the matter & come out strongly to give me justice & punish the culprits who are still working in the systems enjoying all facilities, salaries & perks without sensing the feel of wrong doings.

    As mentioned above, I do not reside on the address Hitesh H Bhatt. R.R.Patel bunglow, Nr. Shanti sager society, 51/1, Plot No-3, B/h. Wadi-mohmmad talav, B/h. Ram-vatika society, Waghodiya Road, Vadodara-390 019. Gujarat specified, however, I am deprived of (Electricity connection 5-6 years & drinking water connection for 10-11 years in the past) & now, 11-12 years now & yet the basic need for getting sewerage drainage line, leading approached road to my resident, cleanliness surrounding my resident, street light etc…. at my residence in spite of having made several applications, & personal meetings with the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) officials.

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