The bathroom and kitchen of the future

How will urban households deal with hygiene, wastewater and solid waste in 2050? The solution, according to the combined vision of  Veolia Environnement and the London School of Economics (LSE), lies in “a circular economy based on continuous reuse”.

In a home free of bins, household waste gets sorted by nanoscopic robots, senso-cleaners scan your hands for dirt,  and plants and bacteria self-treat domestic effluents.

Baths require a minimal quantity of  water, ultrasonic vibrations will remove dirt without the need for soap.

All surfaces (wall, floor, roof and window) become self-cleaning thanks to a coating of epicuticular wax crystalloids and a minimal amount of captured rainwater or condensation (no detergent).

Read  more about the home of the future on Veolia’s Imagine 2050 web site.

Source: Veolia unveils bin-less homes vision,, 20 Nov 2013

3 responses to “The bathroom and kitchen of the future

  1. Glad to see “circular economy” being picked up this way.

  2. Nripendra Kumar Sarma, Guwahati, Assam, India

    Really interesting to note such a projection!!!.
    But what is about the situation in the Developing Countries in 2050???
    Isn’t that a concern ….. ?

  3. @Nripendra: Why should this vision be excluded from the developing countries? They are imo free to adopt this approach any time, especially if they feel like being the leader in this field.

    The problem with such a development, in my opinion, is that most communities a) aren’t innovative and/or b) can not create a legal framework for such a setup.

    What I find interesting about this vision (and similar approaches) is that the desire for an improved sanitation comes from a need for an improved material flow management.

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