Videos of exhibits at Reinvent the Toilet Fair India (21-22 March 2014) provided by SEI & SuSanA now available

Videos of exhibits at Reinvent the Toilet Fair India (21-22 March 2014) provided by SEI & SuSanA now available

Stockholm Environment Institute has announced that videos with grantees about their exhibits that were taken at the Reinvent the Toilet Fair in Delhi, India are now available online. sei

You find them all in this one convenient location, which is a Playlist in the SuSanA Youtube channel. 

The videos include short 5-minute interviews with randomly selected grantees as well as “demo tours” of their innovative toilets/processing exhibits which were on display at the fair.

The first video in this Playlist is a thank you note from Melinda Gates who is thanking all the participants at the fair and is stressing that this kind of work is being valued in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at the highest level of leadership.

The second video in the Playlist gives just a visual overview of the exhibits (without sound).

The 17 projects that are featured (a random selection of all the exhibits) include (you can easily access each video in alphabetical order in the Playlist link). 

  • Alison Parker: The Nanomembrane Toilet (Cranfield University, UK)
  • Andrew Larsen: Low-cost sanitation for emergencies (Aerosan, USA)
  • Andrew Whitesell: The Fecal Sludge Omni-Ingestor (Beaumont Design, USA)
  • Bincy Baby: eToilet Imperial Model (Eram Scientific, India)
  • Brian Stoner: Toilet with self contained waste treatment system (RTI, USA)
  • Brian von Herzen: Biochar reactor for human solid waste processing (Climate Foundation, USA) + tour provided by Hamish Fallside
  • Chip Fisher: Sol-Char Toilet (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)
  • Clement Cid: Self-contained PV-powered wastewater treatment system (Caltech, USA)
  • David Auerbach: Sanergy – Sustainable Sanitation in Africa’s Urban Slums (Kenya) (not strictly a grantee but large-scale laboratory for many grantees)
  • Eberhard Morgenroth: Blue Diversion Toilet (EAWAG, Switzerland)
  • Francis de los Reyes: Pit Excravator (power auger), North Carolina State University (USA)
  • How Yong Ng: Low-cost decentralised sanitary system (National University of Singapore)
  • Ioannis Ieropoulos: Urine-tricity: Electricity from urine (University of the West of England)
  • Marcos Fiovaranti: Earth Auger: Urine diverting dry toilet (Fundacion In Terris, Ecuador) + demo by Chuck Henry
  • Sherina Munyana: Catalysing sanitation as a business (Water for People, Uganda)
  • Thammarat Koottatep: Solar septic tank and hydrocyclone toilet (AIT, Thailand)
  • Paul Mackereth and Andrew Wheatley: “Reinvented toilet @ lboro” – User interface / processing (Loughborough University, UK) (Loughborough is a large team and only two members were interviewed to due to convenience and availability at the time. The team is led by Professor Sohail.)

The videos in this Playlist include interviews about 17 sanitation research projects funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. For most of the projects, the footage is split in two separate video clips: one is a pure interview to get the overall project “story” and the other one is a technical tour of the exhibit. These interviews were done “spontaneously” with a hand-held video camera. Nevertheless, they do contain a wealth of information and provide an excellent overview of these projects.

The five questions asked in the interview were:

  • What is the most unique aspect about your project, what makes it stand out amongst the others at this fair?
  • How successful has it been in your trials so far, or what are your major achievements to date?
  • What have been your main frustrations or hurdles that you have had to overcome or that you are still struggeling with?
  • What is the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of your research project or how many more years before this can be implemented in practice at a large scale?
  • Have you had any collaborations with any of the other grants that are present at this fair?

The videos and the Playlist were created by Elisabeth von Muench (Ostella, Germany) and Arno Rosemarin (SEI, Sweden), as part of a grant by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is described here.

If you have questions on any of the projects or want to give feedback to the researchers, please make use of the SuSanA discussion forum here.

The last video in the Playlist shows you what it looked like when the exhibits were dismantled – a logistical challenge:

Materials and feedback from the Reinvent the Toilet Fair are here.

Podcast produced by the BMGF: “Inside the Gates, Episode 15 – Reinventing the toilet” is here.

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