The toilet tripod: Understanding successful sanitation in rural India

The toilet tripod: Understanding successful sanitation in rural India. Health Place. 2014 Jun 19.

O’Reilly K, Louiss׳ E.

Building toilets and getting people to use them is critical for public health. We deployed a political ecology approach specifically to identify the multi-scalar political, economic, and environmental factors influencing toilet adoption in rural India. The research used ethnographic and technical methods in rural villages of West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh over the period September 2012 to May 2013. The elements of successful sanitation adoption depended on three factors (i.e., toilet tripod):

  • (1) multi-scalar political will on the part of both government and NGOs over the long term;
  • (2) proximate social pressure, i.e., person-to-person contact between rural inhabitants and toilets;
  • (3) political ecology, i.e., assured access to water, compatible soil type, and changing land use.

This research contributes to studies of sustainable development and global public health by developing a theory and framework for successful sanitation.

One response to “The toilet tripod: Understanding successful sanitation in rural India

  1. There is a great difference between speaking about cleansing and making cleansing. To speak about cleansing is to use a literature which developed in the course of time by the technical recovery of property and knowledge of process on the market, it is primarily technical to see a humanistic bit. One can notice that the discussions on the subject often leave on the principle of improving to see to preserve the respect for human dignity at the time of this daily need. With this intention the principle passed from the defecation to the free air to the defecation in latrine. Various improvements developed to pass from the simple hole, with the basin trick and the ceramic toilets with sitting position. For now 50 years all these technical systems have brought comfort but without never solving the problems of the cleansing, for proof all the conversations started in the forums which discuss it daily. The more one advances and the more the problems grow bigger. Indeed the toilets multiply at speed large V what causes a strong rise of the problems of cleansing. What it is it? fecal and urinary dejection. It is there or one can realize that there is a certain confusion of the kinds between the attitude which is the defecation and the result of this defecation which is the fecal matter and the urine. Curiously, on these components, there are debates, no solutions other than to transform organics (the alive one) into mud, an inert product. Any toilet even out of gold does not bring a solution to these excrétats. To make cleansing is to be contrary to this principle while bringing a true solution by preserving the organic matter in its biological state and by eliminating it by an only biological process without production of mud.

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