An update from Sanivation in Kenya


Below are updates from Sanivation, check out the latest newsletter for more information on Sanivation projects and activities. sanivation_model

One thing we believe in our bones is the customer is king. Over the past couple months, we have been sharing meals, asking questions, and collecting feedback from customers on both toilets and fuel. We have captured some inspiring quotes and wanted to share them with you. This month we will be introducing each short update in this newsletter with a quote from one of our customers.

Learnings from Kakuma: “Two people came and commented positively on my new latrine. One person came, a Somali lady, and asked me if I could sell it to her.” 

We’re currently processing (and soon to be publishing!) all of our learnings from Kakuma. From initial glances, the refugees were not only were satisfied but became promoters of the approach.After an initial review of feedback, we found that the refugees were not only satisfied but also became promoters of the approach. Already, one of our big lessons has been in the power of instituting quick feedback loops and a customer service approach to toilets. We feel honored to have worked with such great partners and are looking forward to continuing work with UNHCR, NRC, and CDC on how to bring this approach to even more refugees. The US Embassy Nairobi made an awesome video of our work. Check it out!

Introducing MakaaDumu: the next generation of household fuel. Made from human waste. “I have seen this charcoal before. I can try it too because I have heard that this charcoal burns for a long time.

In collaboration with a fellow briquette maker, we have created a compact, pillow-shaped briquette. These briquettes are akin to those used in 4th of July barbecues and each one is dense enough to hold its shape.  They also burn longer than wood or charcoal, which are already in short supply in areas that we have worked.

But don’t take our word for it! We had our briquettes tested by the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI), and were excited to see that MakaaDumu (our fuel from waste) has comparable energy to oven-dried wood. We are beginning to look for funding to help finance the production of MakaaDumu. See the full results from KIRDI and more reactions in the post Introducing MakaaDumu: The Next Generation of Household Fuel  authored by Benjamin Kramer-Roach our new Director of Energy Production.


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