Webinar: ‘Results based financing for sanitation – do the costs outweigh the benefits?’ – 29 April 2015, Sustainable Sanitation Alliance

susana-logo A webinar on ‘Results based financing for sanitation – do the costs outweigh the benefits?’ will take place on Wednesday 29th April 2015 at 13:00 (UTC/GMT). Three speakers with very different backgrounds will discuss what, from their perspectives, we know and don’t know about the questions “Do the costs outweigh the benefits of results based financing for sanitation, and what are the right conditions for it to work?”

This webinar will have ample room for discussions and inputs by the participants. Each of the speakers will only give short (5 minutes) inputs to set the scene. The panel of speakers includes:

  • Minh Chau and Per Ljung of Thrive Networks, speaking on the East Meets West (Vietnam) Community Hygiene Output Based Aid (CHOBA) Program. Minh Chau is now with Results for Development Institute in the U.S.
  • David Erdhart and Will Goldenberg of CASTALIA Strategic Advisors (U.S.) speaking on their review of Results Based Financing in WASH.
  • Robert Chambers, Institute of Development Studies (UK) offering his views from a wider development perspective on Results Based Financing.

This webinar, open to all, is being organised under the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Knowledge Management initiative for their Building Demand for Sanitation (BDS) program. It is supported by Stockholm Environment Institute and the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) secretariat.

To find out more or to join the discussions that will take place before and after the webinar, please click here.

To register please click here.

Webinar moderation / organisation: Peter Feldmann / Pippa Scott / Pete Cranston, of Euforic Services, UK

Webinar technical host: Arno Rosemarin (SEI, Sweden)

sei2 The webinar will be run by using Adobe Connect, hosted by Stockholm Environment Institute


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