Introduction to the Treatment of Urban Sewage – free online course

TU Delft offers a free 7 week online introductory course on urban sewage treatment starting in April 2016.

The course consists of 6 modules:

  1. Sewage treatment plant overview
  2. Primary treatment
  3. Biological treatment
  4. Activated sludge process
  5. Nitrogen and phosphorus removal
  6. Sludge treatment

The instructors are Prof. Jules van Lier, Environmental Engineering and Wastewater Treatment, and wastewater Assistant Prof. Merle de Kreuk.

View the course introduction video

Introduction to the Treatment of Urban Sewage is part of TU Delft Water Management XSeries on edX.

For $50 participants can get a Verified Certificate for the course.

2 responses to “Introduction to the Treatment of Urban Sewage – free online course

  1. Oyelami Lydia Oluwatosin

    Good day, i want to appreciate the founder or the originator of this online program on the treatment of urban sewage. I had gone through through the fantastic modules which the participants are going to be acquainted with in the course of 7weeks program which i am also interested having a background in environmental studies and related courses, i would like to be one of the privilege candidate that would participate in this training course of study. I would like to know how to apply and the procedure for application. Thanks in anticipation to a favourable response.

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