SuSanA announces new project database as a one-stop shop for information on sanitation projects

A sanitation project database is now available on the website of the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA). It aims to make  information about sanitation projects of all organizations available in one central location.

The project database currently contains 220 projects. 80% of these have the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as their funding source, due to the fact that the database development was part of a BMGF grant to Stockholm Environment Institute.

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However, the project database is open for projects of any organization. There are plans to significantly expand it in the coming months and years. The aim is to make it into a one-stop shop to provide easily accessible information on sanitation projects worldwide.

The project database contains links to further information about the project, e.g. to a discussion thread on the SuSanA discussion forum – which also allows people to ask questions about the project.

The database can be filtered by:

  • kind of project
  • technology
  • region and country
  • setting (rural, urban, peri-urban, informal settlements, schools)
  • type of reuse
  • audience
  • field of activity
  • SuSanA working group
  • funding source

The 250 SuSanA partner organizations will in future be able to add their own projects to this database directly. Until then, organizations wishing to have their projects added are invited to send an e-mail to


  • Access the project database here.
  • Questions or comments about the project database can be posted here on the SuSanA discussion forum.

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