Good shit, good business?

Good shit, good business? The current focus on small-scale entrepreneurs and looking for the holy grail of market-led solutions to deal with sludge is only the latest in the series of “fads” typical of the sanitation sector. by Rémi Kaupp. Source: | Broken Toilets, Feb. 29 2016


On-site sanitation is typically serviced by the informal sector. Nairobi, October 2013. Photographer: Linda Strande

We cannot continue to treat the issue of toilets and sludge from a purely economic and technological angle. In NGOs, our market-led focus has been a convenient way to charm the new private philanthropists while ignoring the political side. While we are busy equipping some local entrepreneurs with new pumps, utility companies continue to focus on water and (sometimes) sewerage, ignoring the billion people living in slums who bear most of the health burdens of poor sanitation.

Our initiatives are too often isolated and do little to influence those utilities, who have the mandate to serve their residents and the ability to borrow and invest in large infrastructure. Our work needs to be ultimately targeted at the local authorities and the utility companies so that they take the same interest as we do in the challenging – and motivating – issue of on-site sanitation and sludge.

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