Global Waters Radio: Emily Rand on Improved Child Feces Management

A World Bank expert weighs in on the strategic importance of an emerging field in global public health.

Emily Rand is a water supply and sanitation specialist at the World Bank, who also teaches about the design, implementation, and evaluation of WASH programs at George Washington University in Washington, DC. rand

In her recent conversation with Global Waters Radio, Rand discusses key findings from recent research produced by the World Bank and UNICEF in the growing public health field of child feces management.

She also shares examples of improved caregiver behaviors and programs to promote those behaviors. Poor child feces management can result in substantial health impacts in children, including a higher prevalence of diarrheal disease, intestinal worms, enteropathy, malnutrition, and death. For that reason, safe disposal of children’s feces is as essential as that of adults’ feces.

“The behavior of the children’s caregiver is critical to disposing of their feces safely and shaping the child’s toilet training.”

One response to “Global Waters Radio: Emily Rand on Improved Child Feces Management

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