2016 WEDC conference presentations on fecal sludge management

The 122 presentations from the 2016 WEDC conference are now online at http://wedc.lu/wedc39 and below are links to presentations on the topic of fecal sludge management. wedc_moodle

  1. A socio-economic analysis of different approaches to faecal sludge treatment in Sunyani, Ghana Mallory, Adrian
  2. An exploration of sanitation and waste disposal practices in low-income communities in Accra, Ghana Abraham, Ernest M
  3. Analysis of faecal sludge collection efficiency for improvement in developing countries Flamand, Pierre
  4. Comparison of scales for faecal sludge gravimetric characterization in low-resource settings Therrien, Jean-David
  5. Development of low-cost decentralized faecal sludge treatment system for resource recovery Atwijukye, Osbert
  6. Effects of high-strength fecal sludge in wastewater stabilization ponds: Port-au-Prince, Haiti Martinsen, Andrea
  7. How to improve sanitation in Mae La refugee camp: SI sludge treatment unit Cavalazzi, Fabrizio
  8. Overcoming capacity gaps in fecal sludge management through education and training Philippe, Sterenn


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