USAID Launches Municipal Waste Recycling Program in Southeast Asia

USAID Launches Municipal Waste Recycling Program in Southeast Asia. by Darren Manning, Urban Development Officer, USAID’s E3/Land and Urban Office, Urban Links, February 2017.

Asian countries are responsible for more than half of the plastic waste in the world’s oceans. To help address this critical issue, USAID has launched a new program that focuses on identifying and scaling innovations to improve municipal waste recycling in three Asian countries — Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and the Philippines — which are among the world’s top five producers of plastics waste.


Outside of Manila, Philippines, thousands of tons of seaweed, garbage and sewage were washed by floods into the streets of low-lying poorer suburbs. Photo Credit: Arlynn Aquino/EU

Improving the management of municipal waste in these countries, which border two oceans, is imperative to reducing plastics pollution that threatens human health and adversely affects the marine environment.

In late 2016, I traveled to the Philippines to meet with local organizations and finalize work plans for the Municipal Waste Management Recycling Program with implementing partner Development Innovations Group (DIG).

The Municipal Waste Recycling Program (MWRP) is a four-year, $9 million initiative to address the global problem of marine plastics pollution.

Implemented under USAID’s Making Cities Work program, MWRP will provide $3.5 million in grants and technical assistance to support promising municipal waste recycling efforts in Asia, evaluate their effectiveness, and make recommendations for future USAID investments in the sector.

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2 responses to “USAID Launches Municipal Waste Recycling Program in Southeast Asia

  1. Very informative…..i learned a lot from this.

  2. Shambel Assefa

    How I can get those fund and finance partners and donors to implement my project in waste management and recycling plastic as well as waste to energy project here on my country Ethiopia. Please contact me on +251912146856 or +251936866782. With best regards.

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