Recent USAID webinars, new World Bank reports, recent WASH research


Link to Sanitation Working Group webinar on Learning from Market-based Sanitation at Scale. USAID Sanitation Working Group, April 2018.

Watershed Moments in the Mara: New Beginnings in Transboundary Water Cooperation. USAID Sustainable Water Partnership, April 17.


Review Paper: A systematic assessment of the pro-poor reach of development bank investments in urban sanitation. The paper concludes by arguing that, despite progress, development banks should be even more ambitious in seeking to support pro-poor urban sanitation investment.

The impact of school water, sanitation, and hygiene improvements on infectious disease using serum antibody detection. PLoS NTDs, April 16.

Factors explaining household payment for potable water in South Africa. Cogent Social Science, 2018.

Household water treatment and the nutritional status of primary-aged children in India: findings from the India human development survey. Globalization and Health, April 2018. This study indicates that HWT has the potential to advance the nutritional status of primary school-aged children in India.


Water Scarce Cities: Thriving in a Finite World. World Bank, April 2018. The report is an advocacy piece to raise awareness around the need to shift the typical way urban water has been managed and to share emerging principles and solutions that may improve urban water supply security in water scarce cities.

Promoting Development in Shared River Basins: Case Studies from International Experience. World Bank, March 2018.

Integrating Citizen Engagement in Program Design Egypt’s Sustainable Rural Sanitation Services Program Experience. World Bank, April 2018. This approach gives citizens a stake in decision-making to improve the intermediate and final development outcomes. Evidence suggests that engaging citizens can improve accessibility, coverage and quality of service delivery.

Livestock Wastes: Agricultural Pollution. World Bank, March 2018.


Toward a new water paradigm. Eureka Alert, April 19. The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation recently awarded a four-year $1.9 million grant to Stanford’s Program on Water, Health & Development.

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