Join the discussion! New learnings and innovations in FSM (June 4-7)

iDE Cambodia Toilet Installation

Masons install a toilet for a customer in Cambodia. (Photo by David Graham/iDE)

As countries grow closer to reaching open defecation free, there’s a growing urgency to address fecal sludge management (FSM). Join iDE’s WASH team for an e-discussion on June 4-7 hosted by the Civil Society Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Fund. 

Click here to join the discussion.

This is an opportunity share insights, experiences, and new innovations in FSM. Each day, iDE will lead the discussion with an opening question. iDE WASH teams from around the world will join the discussion—sharing new cost-effective solutions, results from a pilot in Cambodia, and an assessment of the FSM value chain.

iDE pioneered the market-based approach in the sanitation, incorporating private businesses, NGOs, and government stakeholders. In 2003, iDE Vietnam launched the world’s first market-based sanitation program, and, since then, the model has been successfully replicated across iDE’s global portfolio and by other organizations.

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