An update from the Global WASH Cluster Resource Center | Emergency WASH research


The Global WASH Cluster is maintaining a resource center focused on humanitarian WASH with links to relevant journal articles, toolkits, and NGO learnings ( There are over 200 key documents cataloged that cover a variety of WASH themes. A sample of recent documents includes:  


Resiliencelinks – The Center for Resilience is part of USAID’s Bureau for Food Security, soon to be the Bureau for Resilience and Food Security.

University of Colorado, Boulder Drought Resilience Impact Program (DRIP) – The Drought Resilience Impact Platform’s comprehensive systems design integrates early detection and planning with proactive groundwater management to ensure water availability, thus enabling drought-prone communities to become effective managers in the prevention of these humanitarian crises.


5 myths about refugees and WASH. SWA, February 2020. This factsheet identifies and debunks 5 common myths surrounding displaced people, and highlights the implications that WASH practitioners must consider.

Kerlink Gateways powers water-monitoring pilot program for UN refugee agency. Waterworld, Feb 2020. Remote wireless sensing and communication abilities are a possible game-changer for monitoring in refugee situations.


Hygiene programming during outbreaks: a qualitative case study of the humanitarian response during the Ebola outbreak in Liberia. BMC Public Health, January 2020.
The experiences of humanitarians allowed us to identify areas that could be strengthened when designing hygiene programmes in future outbreaks. Specifically, we identified a need for rapid research methods to explore behavioural determinants; increased skills training for frontline staff, and increased operational research to explore behaviour change strategies that are suited to outbreak situations.

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