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Emerging Lessons on Sustaining Rural Water Services in Uganda: A Case Study of Whave’s Preventive Maintenance Model. Whave’s approach focuses on results-based payment for avoiding breakdowns, rather than payment for repairs. By incentivizing performance, their goal is to establish a system that reduces water source downtime and therefore improves the reliability of water supply systems. Additional reports are on the Sustainable WASH Systems (SWS) Learning Partnership website.

Maintenance Approaches to Improve the Sustainability of Rural Water Supplies. This document reviews literature about the factors influencing the sustainability of rural water services, and the emerging maintenance approaches seeking to address these factors and improve service reliability. Additional reports are on the Sustainable WASH Systems (SWS) Learning Partnership website.

Events – Sanitation and Water for All Finance Ministers’ Meeting, Washington DC, April 17, 2020 –


Lessons from Rwanda on tackling unsafe drinking water and household air pollution. The Conversation, February 2020. A 2012 pilot demonstrated the viability and impact of this programme: households started, and continued, to use the water filters and cookstoves. These findings led to a larger roll-out which started in 2014.

Household Flooring Associated with Reduced Infant Diarrheal Illness in Zimbabwe in Households with and without WASH interventions. Trop Med Intl Health, February 2020. Our findings support the hypothesis that household flooring is an important pathway for the transmission of diarrheal pathogens, even in settings where other aspects of sanitation are sub‐optimal.

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