Let’s Connect Sanitation to the Rest of Development

Let’s Connect Sanitation to the Rest of Development. WASHfunders, March 2020.

To many of us in the WASH world, sanitation is the center of the universe. Without access to sanitation, communities face many other challenges when trying to improve their public health, equity, education, economic development, and climate change resilience.

On the other hand, robust sanitation access can yield synergistic benefits to other causes like women’s education and economic development, which see boosted sustainability.

Unfortunately, the current funding environment for WASH has stunted progress for sanitation. Firstly, as many of us are painfully aware, the funding is far too low; only 3.8% of all aid funding goes to WASH-related programs, and less than half of it goes to sanitation.

Sanitation projects have drawn very few funders in part because it is considered unglamorous compared to other causes like HIV/AIDS or girl’s education. Secondly, current funding streams don’t reward risk, which is vital for the sector’s ability to experiment with new approaches to tackle sanitation sustainability woes.

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