Welthungerhilfe Corona Comics about Children and Hygiene

Welthungerhilfe (GWC member) and the GWN member WASH-United (the organisation behind Menstrual Hygiene Day) developed a generic comic strip, that provides young people between the ages of 10 and 14 with information about the coronavirus and preventative hygiene measures.

It is designed for universal application and can be used all over the world. The material development was guided by an expert from the Institute for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine, at Charité University-Clinic Berlin. The comics can support hygiene promotion activities, nutrition education and can be distributed alongside with food distributions or through community health workers.

Link – https://www.welthungerhilfe.org/coronavirus-comic

No chance for Corona

Although children and adolescents rarely fall seriously ill with COVID-19, they are nevertheless extremely affected by the pandemic. Instead of playing outside, going to school, doing sports and meeting friends, they are now locked up with their parents all day, often in very confined spaces. In addition, they are worried about their family, their friends and themselves.

Together, Welthungerhilfe and WASH United want to ensure that children and adolescents understand why their normal lives are being so drastically restricted and what they can do to protect themselves, their family and their friends from Corona. To this end, we have worked closely with an expert from the Institute for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin to develop a comic strip that can be used around the world to educate children and adolescents between the ages of 10 and 14 about Corona.

The “No chance for Corona” comic is currently being translated into more than 25 languages. On 13 April, the comic will also be available as an educational video to reach even more children and adolescents. The comic can be used, reproduced and disseminated for non-commercial purposes without limitation. Commercial use of the comic is prohibited. Changes to the comic are not permitted. We want to encourage you to use the comic and video as widely as possible. Please share the resource through your networks and contacts.

Corona knows no boundaries and affects all people, worldwide – including children and adolescents. The better we involve children and adolescents, the faster we will overcome this pandemic together.

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