WASH & COVID-19 updates – April 13, 2020


Water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH) and waste management for the prevention of COVID-19 Updated Technical Note-2nd edition 6 April 2020. WHO; UNICEF.

New resource: messages on the COVID-19 and WASH link. Sanitation and Water for All, April 6.

Corona Comic – No Chance for Corona: How Kids Can Help Beat the Virus. Welthungerhilfe, April 2020.

USAID Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Latest News

Responding to COVID-19 – The Global Handwashing Partnership, April 7.

Handwashing is first line of defense in preventing Coronavirus, but millions do not have access to soap and water. WaterAid, April 10.

How do you stop COVID-19 without clean water? National Geographic, April 8.

Handwashing helps stop COVID-19. But in India, water is scarce. National Geographic, April 7.

One Way to Potentially Track Covid-19? Sewage Surveillance. Wired, April 7.

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