WASH & COVID-19 Update, April 20, 2020


Did you get the message? My favorite behavior change studies can inform the COVID-19 response by Julia Rosenbaum. R&E Search for Evidence, April 2020.

Ten Immediate WASH Actions in Healthcare Facilities for COVID-19 Response. Compiled by Lindsay Denny, Global Water 2020, April 2020.

Understanding hygiene promotion in the context of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. UNICEF guidance note, April 2020.

Hand Hygiene – Could COVID-19 Permanently Change Hand Hygiene? By: Gideon Lasco, GHP Blog, April 2020.

Hygiene behaviour during outbreaks. COVID-19 Hygiene Hub, April 2020.

Identifying & Mitigating Gender-based Violence Risks within the COVID-19 Response. Global WASH Cluster, April 2020.  

Cleaning and hygiene tips to help keep the COVID-19 virus out of your home. UNICEF, April 2020.

Three lessons for the COVID-19 response from pandemic HIV. The Lancet, April 2020.

COVID-19 Prevention When There’s No Soap and Water. JHCCP, April 2020.

Zimbabwe: Unsafe Water Raises COVID-19 Risks. Human Rights Watch, April 2020.

International task force to examine wastewater for community infection of novel coronavirus. SMW, April 2020.

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