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SFD toolbox – Sustainable Sanitation Alliance

SFD toolbox. Sustainable Sanitation Alliance, January 2017. An excreta flow diagram (also often described as shit flow diagram, SFD) is a tool to readily understand and communicate visualizing how excreta physically flows through a city or town. sfd_logo

Here you can find out more about the SFD methods and tools. The guidance documents include:

  • the Manual for SFD Production,
  • the SFD calculation tool,
  • the SFD master diagram and the SFD credibility process.

These are all currently under development and meanwhile the draft versions are available.

Sanitation from a gender perspective – Sandec/Eawag

The MOOC course that this is a part of started again on Coursera this week.



12 Cartoons to Learn About Critical Water Issues – World Bank

Published on Jan 25, 2017

Creative and passionate cartoonists from around the world were invited to illustrate some of the major challenges in providing sustainable water and sanitation services for all, through the lens of humor and more importantly, to envision solutions for a water-secure world for all. Check out their work:

UNESCO funds Dunedin shadow puppet film in Indonesia about hygiene

Published on Jan 16, 2017
UNESCO along with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade are financially backing a trans-Tasman project to improve hygiene in Indonesia.

An educational film is being made in Dunedin featuring Javanese shadow puppets who tell the tale of evil bacteria.

Today some top musicians began adding the soundtrack.


Appraising the Sanitation and Hygiene Situation in Urban India and its Determinants

Published on Dec 15, 2016
Dr Papiya Guha Mazumdar, Associate Professor, Institute of Public Health Kalyani, West Bengal delivered lecture and highlighted the need to improve existing sanitation and hygiene situation in urban India, how the determinants should be decided and why behaviour change as a critical determinant needs to be looked at in greater detail.

She emphasized that building knowledge on good practices of sanitation and hygiene related behaviour change, and drawing relevant lessons for preparing a plan of action for sustainable development is extremely important. She discussed through a few good case studies how interventions have helped.


Meet David Auerbach of Sanergy: Tackling sustainable sanitation in urban slums

Published on Oct 26, 2016

MIT Sloan alumnus David Auerbach’s Sanergy turns waste into fertilizer in Kenya.

Sanergy website:
Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan profile:…
Sanergy in Huffington Post:…

Auerbach founded Sanergy with two classmates while a student at MIT Sloan. The company tackles multiple sustainability challenges at the same time, training franchisees in Nairobi’s urban slums to collect sanitation waste, which is then processed into fertilizer and later sold to local farmers. Sanergy is poised to expand to other countries in the developing world, addressing the urban sanitation problem that threatens the health of more than a billion people.


The e-waste mountains – in pictures

The e-waste mountains – in pictures. The Guardian, October 18 2016.

Sustainable development goal target 12.5 is to reduce waste. But with a planet increasingly dependent on technology, is that even possible?


As of today, over 30m tonnes of electronic waste has been thrown out so far this year, according to the World Counts. Most e-waste is sent to landfills in Asia and Africa where it is recycled by hand, exposing the people who do it to environmental hazards. Photograph: Kai Loeffelbein/laif

Kai Loeffelbein’s photographs of e-waste recycling in Guiyu, southern China show what happens to discarded computers.

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