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India, Maharashtra: community-managed toilet complexes opened in Kolhapur

The operationalisation and functioning of community toilet complexes at Rajendra Nagar and Salokhe Park, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, commenced on 15th June 2008. These community toilet complexes are managed by “Community Sanitation Committees (CSCs)” formed in both communities. The CSCs thus not only manages the maintenance of the complex but also ensures cleanliness of the complex and user satisfaction.

The CSC has provided “Photo passes” as identification for the user households. [..] The user group of about 150-200 households presently uses the community toilet complex. There are separate child-friendly toilet seats at Rajendra Nagar.

[…] The CSC also manages the Decentralised Solid Waste Management process and composting of biodegradable waste. […] The CSC is trying to link the selling of their compost to the Garden Department of Kolhapur Corporation.. Systematic packaging is taken care of by the CSC.

Read more: Shilpa Mirashi, BORDA, 15 Jul 2008