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E-Source Sanitation News

This daily newsletter brings you the latest news items, videos and publications spotted by sanitation experts. It extracts news from web links in Twitter messages and news feeds and groups the news headlines under self-generated headings.

The main source for E-Source Sanitation News is the Sanitation Updates Twitter list, which follows nearly 50 Twitter accounts.

If you have a Twitter account and would like to contribute to the newsletter, include the hashtags #sanitation or #hygiene in your Tweets.

E-Source Sanitation News is created automatically in paper.li. Other related newsletters on this free platform include: Daily WASH,WaterAid Daily and toilet.and.tap.

To subscribe to E-Source Sanitation News or to get the embed code for your web site go to: paper.li/dietvorst/1307204592


Sanitation Updates has 1,000 subscribers! Introducing SaniTweets

“Sanitation Updates is the first thing I read in the morning”, says Murat Sahin, Advisor, WASH in Schools at UNICEF.

Murat doesn’t mention if this is before or after he has breakfast – some of the 1,800 posts published since Dan Campbell began the blog in 2008 can spoil your appetite.


Murat is now one of over 1,000 subscribers to this blog, as the little reader counter icon on our home page indicates.

To mark this milestone we have launched SaniTweets and E-Source Sanitation News. SaniTweets is a public Twitter list feed, collecting live updates from 30 key sanitation initiatives, organisations and experts. The ten most recent Tweets appear in the left-hand column of the blog. If you want a SaniTweets RSS feed for your website, blog or news reader, use this link.

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