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Worms Clean Toxic Metals from Indian Soil

Worms Clean Toxic Metals from Indian Soil | Source: Ben Barber, Huffington Post | Oct 8, 2012

Worms, those squishy animals sought after by fishermen for bait and early birds for nutrition, have not got a new occupation — treating thousands of tons of toxic sludge left in farms and fields by Indian factories as industrial growth skyrocketed in recent years.

They key to success has been that the worms burrow up to five feet deep into the contaminated soil, soak up heavy metals and other toxins, and then come to the surface without releasing the toxins.

The worms then are allowed to wander off into nearby land, dispersing and diluting the toxins so they no longer pose a threat to people or the environment. Otherwise, the worms may be transported to a secure, long term dump site or burned in an incinerator.

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