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SHARE – Sanitation Markets: Using economics to improve the delivery of services

Sanitation Markets: Using economics to improve the delivery of services along the sanitation value chain, 2012.

Sophie Trémolet. SHARE.

In summary, a number of actions could be undertaken based on these findings:

  • Make the case for investment in sanitation;
  • Channel financing more effectively and increase the effectiveness of public funding;
  • Foster demand for sanitation at all levels of the value chain;
  • Influence the restructuring of the provision of transport services for on-site sanitation, particularly by formalising small-scale private providers,
  • Estimate the value of the various sanitation by-products and identify ways of monetizing such value in a sustainable manner through reuse.

In order to support future actions, key areas of research should be explored, including:

  • Improve the estimates of the benefits of investing in sanitation and compare the benefits with the costs of sanitation in a broader range of countries and local contexts, as well as evaluate the cost-effectiveness of alternative investments;
  • Identify the most effective financing mechanisms, including ways of attracting new resources into the sector (e.g. from beneficiaries) and via re-use and overcoming the affordability constraint;
  • Identify ways of stimulating demand and overcome information asymmetry for households, entrepreneurs or even the government;
  • Identify ways of organising service provision and scaling-up of small-scale entrepreneurs.

Sanitation economics research has a critical role to play and should be fostered. On this basis, budding and ineffective sanitation markets can be transformed into thriving markets where the full value of sanitation by-products is fully realised and reinvested into the system so as to foster increased investments and generate efficiency gains.

Costs and economics of sustainable sanitation (SuSanA fact sheet)

The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) has published a draft 8-page fact sheet for review by its members on Cost and Economics. The fact sheet introduces the concepts of costs and economics, presents simple analytical tools for comparing sanitation interventions, and illustrates these concepts and tools using evidence from previous economic studies. The fact sheet serves as a background to future factsheets on costs and economics which will report results of field studies.

The main authors and contributors to the fact sheet are Guy Hutton (WSP), Verena Pfeiffer (KfW), Steffen Blume (GTZ), Elisabeth Muench (GTZ) and Yaniv Malz (GTZ)

Read the fact sheet here