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Recommendations on the Strategy and Road Map for the Implementation of the eThikweni Declaration

The Executive Committee of the African Ministers’ Council Water (AMCOW) met from 24-28 November 2008 at the UN Office in Nairobi, Kenya, under the theme “Carrying forward the Sharm El Sheikh Declaration and Commitments on Water and Sanitation (adopted by the African Union Summit, Egypt, June 2008).”

The meetings included that of the AfricaSan Taskforce on the eThekwini Declaration on 26 November 2008.

The AfricaSan Taskforce came up with the following recommendations:

  • To develop a work program for the implementation of the AfricaSan follow-up activities (Awards, communication and knowledge, M&E, monitoring commitments implementation, country action plans, International Task Force meeting, and preparation of the AfricaSan 03) and a funding proposal for the activities implementation, including a staffing plan by the end of February 2009
  • To hold an AfricaSan Awards Ceremony in 2009 back-to back with an event (AMCOW meeting, 2nd African Water Week), etc.)
  • To assist countries develop national AfricaSan action plan and conduct a peer review mechanism to enhance cross learning and improve sanitation profile
  • To open an AfricaSan window within the AMCOW web site
  • To report to AMCOW every 6 months on the implementation of the eThekwini commitments implementation using the proposed indicators and with the support of the AMCOW TAC members
  • To work with relevant initiatives on M&E (JMP, GF4A, GLAAS, etc) and countries to include sanitation and hygiene in all M&E activities and programs
  • To hold every quarter a VC meeting of the AfricaSan International Task Force and every 6 months a face-to-face meeting
  • To develop a concept note for AfricaSan 03 by the end the first quarter of 2009

Furthermore, there was two general AMCOW recommendations on sanitation:

  • With regard to the eThekwini Declaration, country level implementation of the Declaration should be the subject of systematic follow-up;
  • WSP [Water and Sanitation Program] to work with AMCOW Secretariat to finalize its communication strategy, put together a team to decide on criteria and promote nominations, and to develop mechanisms to “raise the bar” on expectations with regard to sanitation development.

Read the full Summary of recommendations of the meeting

Source: IISD Linkages – Executive Committee and Technical Advisory Committee of the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW)