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What’s on tap for future programming in water, sanitation and hygiene?: Hygiene Improvement Project (HIP) winding up

USAID’s Hygiene Improvement Project (HIP) is completing its 6th and final year. The project will be sharing what has been learned and accomplished as well as exploring future directions in water, sanitation and hygiene programming at a special event at the AED Conference Center in Washington DC, USA, on 3 August 2010.

This event will highlight HIP’s innovative approaches to promoting three key behaviors (safe storage and treatment of water, safe disposal of feces and handwashing) including:

  • Working at scale
  • Integrating WASH and HIV programming
  • Sanitation innovations and sanitation marketing

For more information about the event, please contact Jessica Arnettat jarnett@aed.org or (202) 884-8352

To learn more about HIP, visit the website at www.hip.watsan.net

Source: HIP email, 02 Jul 2010