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Make sure world leaders talk toilets at the UN

UN Meeting on the Millennium Development Goals, 22nd-25th September 2008

22nd-25th September 2008 sees world leaders gather at the United Nations Headquarters in New York to discuss plans to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Following on from the G8 summit, this is the next big chance for the End Water Poverty coalition to get world leaders to take decisive action to agree a global plan of action on water and sanitation.

For this to happen we all need to act, and End Water Poverty encourages all members to ensure your government is a water and sanitation champion at the UN this September.

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Financial Times: Action urged on sanitation for children

By Fiona Harvey, Environment Correspondent

Poor sanitation is the biggest killer of children in the world but its effect has been underestimated and the issue looks set to be ignored by the Group of Eight this week, according to a new analysis.

A report published Monday by WaterAid, the UK-based charity, (…) says the extent of the problem has been masked because many deaths attributed to malnutrition and respiratory diseases had poor sanitation as their root cause. (…)

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G8 to hear sanitation cash plea

By Mark Doyle, BBC News 

Piped water can bring huge benefits, says Water Aid. The charity Water Aid is telling the G8 summit in Japan that investing in sanitation would be the single most effective way to cut child deaths.

Water Aid is lobbying the summit with a new report that says 40% of the world’s population lack even basic sanitation. This kills more children than malaria, HIV/Aids and measles combined, it says. (…)

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