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Two new SuSanA factsheets printed: Schools and Operation & Maintenance

The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) has published two new 8-page factsheets:

Nepal: Sanitation For All Challenges Ahead

Even as political leaders chant the Mantra of New Nepal, a grim reality is that over 60 percent of Nepalese are yet to have access to toilet [and the country] is in no position to achieve a target to provide sanitation for all by 2017. The recent sector review on community level models for financing sanitation in rural Nepal conducted by WaterAid Nepal and the Asian Development Bank reveals how resources spent by various agencies to meet the ambitious target is virtually being drained in vain thanks to lack of coordination.

[…] Jamuna Bishwokarma, 45, [from] Lele Village Development Committee, Lalitpur district […] is yet to pay back the Rs3,000 (US$ 40) loan she took to build a toilet. In less than two years, her toilet has turned non-functional thanks to lack of maintenance.

[…] There is a rush for construction of toilet but hardly anybody keeps in mind the question of sustainability and economic affordability.

Read moreKeshab Poudel, Media For Freedom, 16 Oct 2008