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August 15 is World Portable Sanitation Day

World Portable Sanitation Day logo and photo

We already had World Toilet Day on November 19. Now, starting in 2014, we have World Portable Sanitation Day (WPSD), initiated by the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI), on August 15.

The aim of the celebration is to raise awareness about the need to expand access to sustainable sanitation. The PSAI estimates that portable sanitation can save 125 million gallons (470 million litres) of fresh water daily, as well as have a significant impact on productivity and fuel savings at construction sites.

PSAI Decal


The PSAI has over 550 portable restroom organisations in 34 countries around the world as members. The majority of members are from the USA, where the PSAI is based.

Web site: http://psai.org/world-portable-sanitation-day/


Mobile toilets: Convenience truths

The surprisingly innovative portable-loo business

PORTABLE toilets have come a long way since Britain first imported them from America 25 years ago. The beech panelling, wraparound mirrors, plasma-screen televisions and sumptuous toiletries of some modern trailers would not be out of place in a posh hotel.

Construction workers were the earliest adopters of mobile serviced lavatories, which became standard issue on building sites in the mid-1990s. Before then some had no facilities, whereas others set up typically squalid immobile toilets. Industrial users still account for three-quarters of the 100,000-plus portable loos in the country.

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