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Sanergy from Nairobi wins first Sarphati Sanitation Award

Becky Auerbach (Sanergy)

Becky Auerbach (Sanergy). Photo: Dick de Jong, H2O Communications, 2013

Sanergy won the first Sarphati Santation Award because in the past two years it has built 242 sanitation facilities run by 130 local entrepreneurs from Nairobi’s slums, who earn US$ 2,000 per year in income for their families while providing hygienic sanitation to 10,000+ residents. The Mayor of Amsterdam awarded a cash prize of 50.000 euros (US$  67,000) and a statue by famous artist Marte Röling to the winner, Becky Auerbach from Sanergy during the International Water Week (IWW) in Amsterdam. IDE Cambodia and Mr. Toilet, Jack Sim were the runners up.

The three nominees have in common that they provide remarkable sustainable business solutions “turning shit into gold”. They have shown that it is very well possible to address sanitation and public health issues in developing countries while making profit. Over the past years interest has increased for new ways to address the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) for sanitation.

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Call for Nominations Sarphati Sanitation Award 2013

The Sarphati Sanitation Award is a biennial international award honouring the outstanding contribution of an individual or organisation to the global sanitation and public health challenge through entrepreneurship.

The first Sarphati Sanitation Award will be presented on 5 November 2013 during the International Water Week in Amsterdam. The winner will receive a a figurine designed by the Dutch artist Marte Röling and a cash prize of 50,000 euros (US$ 65,000), sponsored by World Waternet and Aqua for All.

Samuel Sarphati (by Sybrand Altmann) / Wikipedia

Samuel Sarphati (1813–66) was a Dutch general practitioner and a pioneering public health and sanitation entrepreneur. Sarphati helped to eradicate cholera from Amsterdam before the end of the 19th century. His various initiatives included a refuse collection service and a bread factory. In 1847, Sarphati set up a  a company that collected and transformed the human waste into manure for the agricultural sector.

The Sarphati nominees will be judged according to five criteria:

  • an outstanding track record in the field of sanitation
  • inspiring new generations to become involved in finding sustainable solutions to sanitation
  • proven experience in linking different partners from the public and the private sector to improve sanitation
  • contributions to ground-breaking entrepreneurial and multi-sectoral innovations in the field of sanitation related to public health
  • (expected) contributions to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

Nomination deadline: 15 September 2013

Download Nomination Form and Guidelines

For more information, visit www.internationalwaterweek.com
or email the Sarphati Sanitation Award Secretariat: