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WASHplus Weekly – The informal sector and solid waste management

Issue 50 April 6, 2012 | Focus on the Informal Sector and Solid Waste Management

The informal waste sector provides a much needed service in the developing world; the work of this sector reduces waste in communities, increases the reclamation and reuse of materials, and helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions. This issue of the WASHplus Weekly contains recent reviews on the economics of the informal sector and the diseases and injuries that waste pickers endure. Also included are case studies from Bangladesh, Brazil, Pakistan, the Philippines, and recent videos.

Please let WASHplus know at any time if you have resources to share for future issues of WASHplus Weekly or if you have suggestions for future topics. An archive of past Weekly issues is available on the WASHplus website. 

India – Deep in filth

While India celebrates the International Year of Sanitation, little has been done for the abolition of the degrading work of manual scavenging.

Bezwada Wilson, national convenor of Safai Karamachari Andolan, told Hardnews, “For us it’s not just about how much they (scavengers) earn. We are looking at it as a work below human dignity. They are also prone to many diseases and obviously they don’t have enough money for their treatment. We stand against the system of the society where one is to defecate and other is to clean. We are looking forward to eradicating this system of scavenging by 2010.”

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