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Music for Life 2011 – “We do give a shit”

Radio Brussel - Music for Life 2011 logo
This month, Belgian radio station Studio Brussel is partnering with the Red Cross to raise money for WASH projects in Nepal.

Traditionally, the radio station’s annual “Music for Life” Christmas fundraiser focuses on a “silent disaster”. The theme for 2011 is diarrhoea, together with pneumonia, the leading cause of death for children under the age of five.

Radio Brussel produced this hard-hitting promo video.

The Dutch text reads:

Not every child is lucky enough to become 5 years old
Diarrhoea is the world’s biggest cause of death
for children between 0 and 5 years old.

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Community-led Total Sanitation update: new training guide, focus on CLTS in schools

The May 2010 edition of CLTS Update announces a new guide for trainers by Kamal Kar and has a special focus on CLTS in schools and children’s involvement in CLTS.

Facilitating Hands-On Training Workshops for Community-led Total Sanitation by Kamal Kar has been published by the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC). Due to the fast spread of CLTS, there is a growing demand for good facilitators and hence for training of facilitators. The guide provides information on how to prepare and carry out training of facilitators, as well as guidance on follow-up and support of those who have been trained.

You can download the manual from the website for Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS).

Children can play a key role in CLTS, both during triggering and follow up. They are usually very interested and excited by the proceedings during triggering and quickly pick up the key messages. They can act as powerful agents of (behaviour) change, applying pressure on their parents and other adults to follow suit. In North West Bangladesh, children grouped into the bichhu bahini, the army of scorpions, blowing whistles whenever they came across open defecators. In other countries, children have flagged shit with the culprit’s name or sung songs and slogans against open defecation. It can be a good idea to facilitate separate activities with children during triggering, allowing them to draw up their own action plans and present them to the adults. Where CLTS is started in a school setting, children act as messengers, taking their learning about open defecation and their desire to stop it back into their homes.

School children singing songs against open defecation, Muara Enim, South Sumatra, Indonesia. Photo: CLTS

The May 2010 CLTS Update provides a list of online resources for both CLTS in schools and Children’s involvement in CLTS.

Read the full issue of May_2010_CLTS_Update.

Nepal: Government to add water, sanitation in school curriculum

The Ministry of Education and Sports, Nepal is going to introduce value based education programme on water and sanitation with special focus on school students. The programme has developed and included value based education in the school syllabus with an objective to conserve water sources and promote proper sanitation.

The programme will be carried out jointly by the Ministry of Education and Sports, UN HABITAT Water for Asian Cities (WAC) Programme Nepal and Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness (ECCA).


Altogether 10 schools will be selected for the programme. Students and teachers will be educated on water conservation and its proper utilization, sanitation and public health. Two of the selected schools will be developed as models with additional infrastructure development under the program.

Source: NGO Forum, 19 Aug 2008

See also other school sanitation-related news:

Toilet constructed in school’s initiation

The Nagarkot denizens have started to construct toilets after operation of School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS) Programme in Nagarkot. Inspired from the training programme on sanitation organized by the Department of Water Supply and Sewerage for the school level teachers, the communities around the Shree Chunadevi Lower Secondary School have launched a School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS) Programme.

Source: NGO Forum, 25 Aug 2008

Toilet constructed by selling ornament

Jitmaya Magar, a local from Bhoteodar VDC of Lamjung invested […] sold her gold earrings and a goat to construct a concrete toilet. […] About 45 households in the village have constructed toilets after the students of local ‘Bhabisya Nirman Lower Secondary School’ got involved in toilet construction campaign to declare the ward nos. 8 and 9 of Bhoteodar VDC an open defecation free zone.

Source: Gorkhapatra / NGO Forum, 21 Aug 2008