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Mr. Toilet, World Toilet Association founder Sim Jae-duck, dies


Sim Jae-duck. Photo: WTA

Nicknamed “Mr. Toilet”, the Korean sanitation campaigner and founder and first president of the World Toilet Association (WTA), Sim Jae-duck died on 14 January 2009.  Parliament member Sim Jae-duck earned his nickname for improving public restrooms for the 2002 Football World Cup as mayor of Suwon city. Since 1999 he was president of the Korea Toilet Association.

Sim Jae-duck grabbed the headlines in November 2007 when he unveiled


'Haewoojae', Sim Jae-duck's toilet house. Photo: WTA

his toilet-shaped house on the eve of the inaugural meeting of the World Toilet Association General Assembly (WTAA).

“He had been suffering from prostate cancer since he began a campaign to launch his World Toilet Association in 2007,” association spokesperson Shon Seong-Jin said.

“But he continued his campaign until his death.”

Sim was born in a restroom – in line with then-traditional beliefs that this would bring good luck – and once said he planned to die in the $1.6-million toilet house he designed.

Source: Sapa-AFP / IOL, 14 Jan 2009