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Inaugural issue of the Journal of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene for Development online

The International Water Association (IWA) has made the first issue of its  new peer-reviewed Journal of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene for Development, available online, with free access to the full text PDFs of  all articles.

Access to following issues will be by subscription or pay-per-view only, although authors have an option to pay to make their articles open access.

The first issue includes articles about the sanitation ladder, constructed wetlands, WASH approaches in Zimbabwe, wastewater treatment in Brazil, SODIS and water quality field tests.

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The effect of bottle scratches on SODIS water disinfection

Concerns that bottle scratches negatively influence the quality of solar water disinfection (SODIS) are unfounded, a new NGO study reveals. Ambient temperature and bottle diameter, however, do greatly influence disinfection effectiveness, the study finds.

The NGO Nature Healing Nature has been promoting SODIS for many years in Africa and South America. While working in Togo, staff heard that a respected nonprofit organization had stopped promoting SODIS because they noticed many of the plastic bottles being used for SODIS were noticeably scratched after six months of use. They hypothesized the scratches would interfere with UV transmission and thus the effectiveness of purification. Rather than ignore their hypothesis, Nature Healing Nature decided to investigate if increased bottle scratch density results in decreased solar disinfection quality.

Test bottles (three scratched). Photo: Nature Healing Nature

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