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Sanitation Sustainability Index

A new index for on-site sanitation systems is proposed and tested in the context of South Korea. It incorporates the technical, social, and economic aspects of sanitation systems, including onsite waste recycling.

Hashemi, S. Sanitation Sustainability Index: A Pilot Approach to Develop a Community-Based Indicator for Evaluating Sustainability of Sanitation SystemsSustainability 202012, 6937. DOI:10.3390/su12176937

Abstract: Evaluating the sustainability of sanitation systems is essential in achieving the sixth sustainable development goal. However, there are only limited number of available evaluation indexes, which are utilized to macroscopically determine a community’s sanitation coverage. Consequently, an index is required, which can evaluate different sanitation options for a specific community. In this paper, the sanitation sustainability index (SSI) is suggested as an indicator for evaluating the sustainability of sanitation systems. The SSI has sub-indexes that consider the technical, social, and economic aspects of the sanitation system, and all the variables are dimensionless and heavily dependent on the current state of the community where the sanitation system is going to be implemented. The applicability of the SSI was demonstrated by evaluating the implementation of two onsite sanitation systems, including one septic tank system and one resource-oriented sanitation (ROS) system in South Korea. A sensitivity analysis defined the variables that have significant impact, and the statistical distribution of the SSI for both systems was forecasted. The results showed that for South Korea, which has a profound history of utilizing human waste as fertilizer, utilizing the resource-oriented sanitation system is more sustainable, although it has a lower social sub-index score compared to the septic tank system.

‘World’s first toilet theme park’ opens in South Korea

‘World’s first toilet theme park’ opens in South Korea | Source: BBC News, Nov 8, 2012

The Korean city of Suwon has opened what it says is “the world’s first toilet theme park“.

The Restroom Cultural Park has a museum displaying Roman style loos, European-style bedpans, and ancient Korean flush toilets, as well as fun facts about human waste and a sculpture garden dedicated to squatting figures.

The BBC’s Seoul correspondent Lucy Williamson visited the park to explore South Korea’s fascination with the art and routine of the water closet.

South Korea – Two cities bag best public toilets award

Manila – Two South Korean cities have flushed away competition and won a best public toilets contest in Asia, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Monday. WHO said Seongbuk, which is part of Seoul, and the city of Jinju bested other cities in Asia in providing well-maintained public sanitary facilities.

The mayors of Seongbuk and Jinju will receive their awards at the World Toilet Summit & Expo 2008 to be held in Macau starting on Monday.

WHO, which co-sponsored the contest with the Alliance for Healthy Cities, cited Seongbuk for investing a significant amount of money in rehabilitating and upgrading government-operated toilets in the area.

“The number of public toilets has grown from 129 in 2003 to 201 in 2008, for a population of 460,000,” the WHO said in a statement. “At the same time, Seongbuk has introduced measures to ensure safety of its facilities and to make them more accessible to disabled people, the elderly, children and foreign visitors.”

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