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RWSN webinar – A tool for Monitoring the Scaling up of Water and Sanitation Technologies (TAF)

Published on Dec 6, 2016

The Topics of the RWSN Mini Webinar Series 2016 include the Human Right to Water and Sanitation, Self-Supply, Sustainability of Services and the Technology Applicability Framework. The format includes 1-2 presentation from a presenter, comments from one or several discussants, and a Question & Answer session where all participants are invited to ask questions or make comments.

This webinar, recorded on 16.11.2016, focuses on a tool called TAF (Technology Applicability Framework) and it’s used for screening, evaluating and scaling up water and sanitation technologies.

TAF provides a neutral approach for investigation of WASH technological innovation through an objective examination of criteria in the key dimensions:

• Technology performance
• Market potential and scalability
• Institutional support
• Innovation and planning
• Sustainability of service provision
• Potential and process uptake of new technologies

The TAF comprises a screening assessment that does an initial assessment of the need for that technology in the context in which it is going to be applied and identify any show-stoppers. Those that pass this then undergo a more thorough assessment that uses 18 scoring sheets based on the six sustainability indicators above for three distinct perspectives: the user, the producer/implementer, and the regulator/investor.

The session (60 min) features the following content:
1. Short introduction to the TAF (Sean Furey, RWSN)
2. TAF: A Planning and Monitoring Tool for Participative Engagement (Joshua Briemberg, WaterAid, Nicaragua)
3. Scaling up sanitation solutions in Afghanistan (Younes Hassib, GIZ, Germany)

After the presentation, a Q&A session took place, which evolved around the questions on how the TAF tool can be adapted to different needs, how different organizations used and adjusted it, and around practical issues related to the implementation of the tool.

The presentations can be downloaded from this Website:


Webinar: Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) in Water and Sanitation

The RWSN secretariat announces the latest webinar of their mini-series 2016, which will take place on1 6.11.2016. The title of the event is “A tool for Monitoring the Scaling up of Water and Sanitation Technologies (TAF – Technology Applicability Framework)” and it will focus on the use of the TAF, which has been presented and discussed previously at the SuSanA Forum (here). The session will take place in English (2-3 PM Central European Time, please check your local time here) and in Spanish (4-5 PM Central European Time, please check your local time here). Thee two presenters and the titles of their presentations are:

  • Joshua Briemberg, WaterAid, Nicaragua: TAF as a participative planning and monitoring tool
  • Younes Hassib, GIZ, Germany: Scaling up sanitation solutions in Afghanistan

After the two presentations, you will have the chance to ask questions and participate in the on-line Q&A session and discussion around this topic.

Please use this link in order to register for the sessions.

Recordings and presentations of previous sessions of this mini-series of webinars are available for download and viewing here.

For more information on the Technology Applicability Framework (TAF), please visit: washtechnologies.net/en

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