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Toilet humour is serious business [video]

An inspirational (and funny) TEDx talk on the impact of school sanitation on girls in India.

Told by Australian busnessman, Mark Balla whose visit to the world’s largest slum Dharavi changed his life and turned him into a “toilet warrior”.

Mark is the Founder and Director of Community Engagement at We Can’t Wait.

Morinosuke Kawaguchi: a TEDx talk on “geeky” Japanese toilet technology

Technology consultant Morinosuke Kawaguchi gives a fascinating lecture on Japan’s world famous “super” toilet technology. Kawaguchi is especially known for incorporating elements of Japan’s vast, inventive otaku (geek) subculture in his designs. His recent book Otakude onnanoko na kuni no monozukuri (Neon Genesis of Geeky-Girly Japanese Engineering) explores “the cool and wild territory where subculture can teach technology how to create innovative products with a competitive edge”.

In his TEDxTokyo presentation, Kawaguchi “discusses the Operating-Room-like concept of no touch, the male urge to hunt, female notions of propriety, the significance of six seconds, and how toilet technology services all of these things and more”.

Source: N. Rain Noe, core77, 19 May 2010