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USA – Texas: Thousands Live in Filth as Millions of Dollars to Improve Border Towns Go Unspent

SANTA ROSA, Texas — Along the Rio Grande, more than 400,000 mostly poor people live in ramshackle neighborhoods where sewage runs in open ditches. Although the U.S. Congress has set aside $300 million to improve sanitation, more than a quarter of that has gone unspent, a federal audit shows.

The need for better hygiene was obvious during a recent afternoon rainstorm, when brothers Angel and Salvador Badillo sat under a tin roof with a couple of friends, sipping beers as the open drainage ditch in front of their clapboard house filled like a moat.

Soon, neighbors’ septic tanks could begin to overflow, creating a smelly and potentially disease-ridden mess.

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USA – Austin, TX residents hold potty protest

Karen Flanagan and her neighbors take pride in their toilets, but not the porcelain thrones in the bathrooms of their homes. Flanagan lives in northwest Austin in a neighborhood off Duval and 183 and if you take a ride through the neighborhood you’ll notice decorated toilets in more than a dozen yards.
Laura Arbilla’s yard is one of them.

“This really makes a good planter. We are recycling a toilet and
they have good drainage,” Arbilla said.

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