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Africa wide WASH technology review published

The WASHTech project has published a literature review focusing on 14 technologies used in Africa in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector.

The following sanitation and hygiene technologies are included in the review:

  • Bio-additives to pit latrines
  • VIP latrines
  • Urine diversion dry toilets
  • Gulper
  • Tippy tap

For each technology there is a description of the range of literature available on it, a concise description of the technology itself, a description of its application, a selection of interesting case studies, and an explanation as to whether the technology meets technical, financial, social and institutional success criteria.

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Tippy Tap video wins YouTube award

A powerful video promoting handwashing with a simple tippy tap has won the 2011 DoGooder Nonprofit Video Award for Best Thrifty Video. The DoGooder awards are an initiative of See3 Communications and YouTube.

Watershed Management Group’s video “It’s in your hands” was among the top four of over 1,300 videos submitted by 750 non-profit organisations. The Watershed Management Group (WMG) is US-based non-profit with water and sanitation programmes in India, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mexico and Costa Rica.

“It’s in your hands” was filmed and directed by Andrew Hinton at Pilgrim Films.

DoGooder Nonprofit Video Award winners receive a US$ 2,500 grant provided by the Case Foundation and their videos got posted on the YouTube homepage on 19 March 2011. So far “It’s in your hands” has been viewed over 155,000 times.

WMG India and local NGO Grampari have launched a dedicated Tippy Tap web site: www.tippytap.org

Tippy Tip web site

Hygiene/sanitation photos from Ethiopia – Jay Graham/USAID

graham-tippytapJay Graham is a member of USAID’s Environmental Health Team and was recently on an assignment in Ethiopia. He has posted sanitation/hygiene photos from the assignment on a Picasa website.

If you have information to share about your organization’s work on water, sanitation and hygiene, contact Jay Graham at jgraham@usaid.gov.

How to make a tippy tap

Tippy Tap, WOT/Connect International

Tippy Tap, WOT/Connect International

Westra, M.T. and Holtslag, H. (2008). How to make a tippy tap : a hygienic hand washing device with running water. Enschede, The Netherlands, Werkgroep OntwikkelingsTechnieken, University of Twente and Leiden, The Netherlands, Connect International. 7 p.

Download fromWOT or Connect International

This document describes how to make a Tippy Tap, a simple handwashing device with running water. The Tippy Tap consists of a 5 liter container hanging on a horizontal stick. The container can be tipped by pulling a rope through the cap. The rope is attached to a stick lying on the ground, which is pushed down by foot. As only the soap is touched during hand washing, the device is very hygienic.

See also: Akvopedia – Tippy Tap

One the earliest Tippy Tap designs was published in Dialogue on Diarrhoea (no, 54 Sep-Nov 1993). In 2005, Lifewater published an adapted version: “Tippy Tap II“.

A similar device – the Canacla – invented by the Belgian Jacques Vanhercke, has been introduced in Senegal, Rwanda and Morocco. However the web site of the NGO promoting the Canacla is currently unavailable [Handwashing: new water-saving technology introduced in Rwanda, Source Weekly, 28 Nov 2007]